by Six Leaves Left

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03:23 video



"If you’re a fan of instrumental synth and progressive sounds that feel like they could have been written for the Blade Runner soundtrack or maybe a horror flick, then I guarantee you’ll love this album"
- Divide and Conquer - album review

"....made me want to dance in a creepy scifi dance party"
- Audiokite - Eleadyus review

"...but the one-man orchestra, Mauro Corbia, who’s based out of Berlin, Germany, doesn’t make just any old cliché’ soundtrack stuff. There are superb guitar sounds on “Tank” that sound very Prince or Nile Rogers inspired and a Pink Floyd-ish/David Bowie sound (a la his Berlin Trilogy days) on “Falling.” This last number also reminded me of something from the soundtrack to 28 Days Later, one of my absolute favorites"
- Divide and Conquer - album review

About "Departures":

The first time I saw jellyfish in an aquarium, it made a remarkable impression on me.
Passing by the glass, seeing huge, spectacular containers filled with colorful, exotic species, I expected nothing more than being able to break up my winter boredom by watching some tropical fish. Suddenly, out of the darkness, emerged something having no right to be caught behind a thick layer of a glass. Pale, slender creatures danced in a trembling light, moved by an artificial ocean current. Tender, yet strong in their tenderness.
This odd view of the jellyfish pushed me towards the thoughts of the darkness around them. How must it feel to be trapped in an infinite space, drifting towards an Unknown? How must it feel being a lonely soul following fate by a continuous movement, believing naively in destinations for all the departures and arrivals? Moving with a free will and meaning behind every movement made. How must it feel to travel through a background filled with stars and time without knowledge, not knowing whether the followed direction isn’t just another push of an aimless wave of overwhelming emptiness?
The simplicity of floating jellyfish. Their existence caught in an embracing silence. A terrifying banality of their movement lost in space around them


released October 13, 2017

All songs mixed and mastered by Austin Leeds
Artwork by Joseph Meyer
Thanks to:
Marco, for your support and suggestions
Magda, for inspiring my music
Fabrizio, for inspiring the piano melody of Paradox
Francesco, for being part of this album


all rights reserved



Six Leaves Left Berlin, Germany

Mauro Corbia, known as Six Leaves Left, is an Italian musician based in Berlin, Germany.
His music can best be described as Synthwave, Synth Pop, Post-rock

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Track Name: Memories (feat. Fran Santocono)
Just leave me here, I’m not afraid
To live the whole night once again
Between these walls
Cold moon takes my spirit

Striving to breath
Shadows wander in the void
Surrounding blackness
So many frozen tears of freedom
Melt away
In this night of silence

The night goes down for eternity
Rivers of stars
Flying to nowhere
With no defence

Just take my soul
Away from this prison
I don’t need to know who you are
Will I ever be free from this endless wail?

No matter what I do
You rule my soul
How long I can bear this fire?
Dreaming to live again
While I am still awake
In this real nightmare

I was hiding from the light
In that world of violence
I couldn’t see the dust in my eyes
The mirror of my mind
I was the mirror of my mind

I could live my life alone
In that world of silence
I was the mirror of my mind
The mirror of my mind
The mirror of my mind
Track Name: Paradox (feat. Fran Santocono)
All the mystery we embrace
Through this never-ending space
Fall in with the stars

Stretching particles and waves
For that truth that we crave

More is less than we expect when we think we’ve done right
But it’s madness

Oh so many words in vain
All the choices we make

The flame within us might be real
Just fades away when we try to get closer and closer
To the edge of black and white

The greatest pain we feel
In every moment that we live
To see the grace between the space and stars

Every foolish game we play
Every fault we create

The line in between hell and bliss
Just disappears when we try to get closer and closer
To the edge of dark and light

The more we fail the more we get a chance to elevate
We may refuse to see

All those promises to break
Among people that we face
Just break the spell of greatness
In the dark, in the light

While waiting for the twilight
The secrecy of mind and soul dwell forever

Our loneliness can be closer
It can be over
Our loneliness can be over